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ULCT Proposed Constitutional Changes

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Updated Constitution Amendments Memo – April 19, 2018

Date: April 4, 2018

To: ULCT membership

From: Cameron Diehl, Executive Director

RE: ULCT Constitution Amendments for the Midyear Conference

A) Context for the proposed constitutional amendments
The Utah League of Cities and Towns (ULCT) is governed by a Board of Directors according to the ULCT Constitution and bylaws. The Constitution was drafted in 1980 with a handful of minor amendments since that time. The ULCT membership must approve and ratify constitutional amendments and the Board of Directors must approve bylaw changes. When I became the Executive Director, I recommended that the Board of Directors organize a Constitution Review Committee of city leaders.
Utah has changed dramatically since 1980, and the ULCT structure and organizational documents should modernize. Utah’s population has grown 112% since 1980 from 1,461,037 to 3,098,761 and the number of Utah’s cities and towns has increased by 14%. Thus, the ULCT membership has changed and increased since 1980 and the ULCT Constitution should reflect those changes.

B) Constitution Review Committee
The Executive Board—the ULCT President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, and Immediate Past President—worked closely with me and ULCT staff to recruit participants on the Constitution Review Committee. We sought to include representation from all 8 board regions, include current and former Board members and senior city staff members with institutional knowledge of ULCT, and include communities of all sizes. The committee met twice in person and once electronically to review the constitution and prepare recommendations for the consideration of the Board of Directors and the ULCT membership. ULCT 2nd Vice President and Spanish Fork Council Member Mike Mendenhall chaired the committee and elected officials made up the majority of the membership. The committee presented its recommendations to the Board of Directors on February 12, 2018. The Board approved the direction of the recommendations and requested that ULCT staff prepare amendments for the Midyear Conference. Thanks to the following members of the committee for their time, expertise, and input:

Elected officials (10) :
Bountiful Council Member (ULCT President) Beth Holbrook
Kaysville former Mayor Steve Hiatt (ULCT Immediate Past President)
Midvale former Mayor JoAnn Seghini
Moab former Mayor Dave Sakrison
Naples Mayor Dean Baker
North Logan Council Member Damon Cann
Perry former Mayor Karen Cronin
Sandy Council Member Steve Fairbanks (ULCT Past President)
Spanish Fork Council Member (ULCT 2nd Vice President) Mike Mendenhall
West Valley Council Member Don Christensen

Appointed officials (7) :
Ivins Finance Director Wally Ritchie
Ogden Chief Administrative Officer Mark Johnson
Orem City Manager Jamie Davidson
Provo Chief Administrative Officer Wayne Parker
Richfield City Manager Matt Creamer
Salt Lake City Mayor’s representative Jennifer Seelig
South Ogden City Manager Matt Dixon

ULCT staff (non-voting) :
Cameron Diehl
Dave Church
Roger Tew
John Hiskey
Nick Jarvis

C) Three step process for amending the constitution and your participation
First, the proposed amendment must be prepared in writing and submitted to the Board of Directors. Second, the ULCT membership must consider the amendment at the Annual Convention or in a special meeting. If the amendment is proposed for consideration at a special meeting—and the Midyear Conference qualifies as a special meeting—then the Board must review the amendment on or before the first day of the meeting. The Board of Directors will consider the proposed amendments at their April 25, 2018 meeting prior to the beginning of the Midyear Conference.
Third, the ULCT membership must provide a two-thirds majority vote according to the weighted vote process outlined in Article X Section 1 to amend the constitution. You will have the opportunity to vote on the amendments on Friday, April 27 at the Midyear Conference in St. George.
ULCT requests that you provide feedback to us about the amendments by Wednesday, April 18 at 5:00 pm. You can send your questions and comments to info@ulct.org or cdiehl@ulct.org. ULCT staff will respond to your questions and comments and then we will share them with the Board of Directors prior to their April 25 meeting.

D) Brief explanation of the proposed constitutional amendments

E) Effective date
The effective date will be a two-step process. First, the membership at the Midyear Conference in St. George will vote on the proposed amendments and they must receive approval from two-thirds of the attendees according to Article X Section 1. Second, the amendments will become effective on September 14, 2018 at the Annual Convention. At Annual, the Board will expand from 16 to 21 members but there is still work to be done to update the bylaws so that they are consistent with the constitution. The delayed effective date will provide sufficient time for the Board of Directors and ULCT staff to make the necessary bylaw updates and prepare for the increased board size.

F) Conclusion
Thank you for your support and participation in ULCT. For additional information, please contact me at cdiehl@ulct.org. Please send your questions and feedback about the amendments to me or to info@ulct.org by Wednesday, April 18 at 5:00 pm. I look forward to seeing you in sunny St. George.