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The December 1, 2019 deadline for 82 cities is approaching! Here is a checklist reminder of what to do. If you have questions, see our SB 34 FAQ

1. Update your the Moderate Income Housing Element with at least 3 of the statutory “menu items” ( some communities have 4) . You may already have some of the strategies but review your plan. Link here to see the statute and menu items. https://le.utah.gov/xcode/Title10/Chapter9A/10-9a-S403.html?v=C10-9a-S403_2019051420190514

2. Prepare a cover letter indicating the items selected and submit with your MIHP to DWS Housing Division. David Fields dfields@utah.gov There is no form this year!

3. Post the MIHP on your web site. 5. Begin work on implementation of the strategies in 2020 and submit a reporting form that will be due December 1, 2020 on your efforts.

Please find a summary of 2019 legislation (SB34) that municipalities must comply with in their land use planning.

The Wasatch Front Regional Council has incredible sources of data for your General plan updates. Check here for data on transit. employment and population projections.

We recently updated our “Keys to Housing” guide to provide insight into which policy keys local policy makers hold and how they can use them. An example to one such key is accommodating accessory dwelling units (ADUs). ULCT staff have also prepared a guide for local government officials considering changing their Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinances. That document can be found here

Dept. Of Workforce Services: Housing & Community Development

Resources for housing reports

Mountainland Association of Governments – Planning Resources


Contact: Bob Allen

Utah Land Use Institute

Moderate Income Housing – May 14, 2019 Workshop
How to understand the new requirements that each municipality must implement before December 1, 2019.  A team of key leaders met with officials from the Division of Housing and Community Development and local leaders to know what is expected to accommodate housing affordability.  Cosponsored by the Utah League of Cities and Towns and the Utah Chapter of the American Planning Association with a grant from the Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman.  

See videos from the ULUI workshop:

Utah’s local leaders make smart-growth decisions in communities across the state every day. Though rapid growth has created new challenges, Utah’s cities and towns are striving to accommodate change while preserving their constituents’ way of life. Learn the facts about growth HERE.

ULCT 2018 Resolution on Growth and Housing.

At our 2018 Annual Convention, the Utah League of Cities and Towns unanimously endorsed a resolution confirming local leaders’ commitment to manage rapid growth and plan for the future. See the full resolution HERE.