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Resolution: 2011-002 – Election Participation

2011 Utah League of Cities and Towns Resolution – Encouragement to Participate in Elections

We, the members of the Utah League of Cities & Towns find:

  1. Utah’s political parties select their nominees through a unique caucus and convention system that more people need to understand and take part in;
  2. Even though participating in caucus night is as important, and in some ways more important than voting in the November general elections; there is no way to cast your vote at a caucus meeting early or absentee or even earlier in the day–you must be present in that exact hour to have a voice.
  3. Despite this importance, only 65,000 Utahns attended their neighborhood caucus meeting in 2010, less than 3% of residents.
  4. Our Republic is more representative of the populace when more are involved. With 70% of delegates elected at caucuses having been Utah residents for 20 years or longer, and with 75% of delegates being male, we need to have broader participation in neighborhood caucus meetings.

Therefore, we resolve:

  1. To strongly encourage our member cities and towns to cancel all city events, meetings, sporting activities, and other conflicts during the evening of the Utah neighborhood caucus meetings in March 2012.
  2. To strongly encourage church groups, youth groups, scout groups, businesses, and other community organizations to keep free of conflicts the evening of the Utah neighborhood caucus meetings.
  3. To strongly encourage all Utah voters to attend and participate in the neighborhood caucus meeting of the political party of their choice in March 2012 and to have their voice heard.