Utah League of Cities and Towns

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Resolution: 2012-001 – Billboards

Billboards and Local Land Use Authority

A resolution recognizing the primacy of local governments to handle the land use issues associated with billboards through local ordinance and policy.

Whereas: Local land use authority is explicitly granted to county and municipal governments; and

Whereas: The appropriate venue for land use changes are with local land use authorities.

Whereas: Local governments work to equitably address development concerns and community impacts with local ordinance and policy; and

Whereas: Participation in land use processes mitigate disputes through clear and discernible public input at the local level; and

Whereas: Whereas: local municipal governments also have the responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements for billboards, such as the Federal Highway Beautification Act and the Utah-Federal Agreement

Whereas: The regulation of billboards is an issue that uniquely impacts the character of neighborhoods within our city; and

Whereas: The citizenry of our cities believe, that local government is responsible for balancing their private property rights with those of the sign industry:

NOW, THEREFORE, We, the members of the Utah League of Cities and Towns, encourage the outdoor advertising industry to productively utilize local government ordinances, rules and policies to fairly and effectively regulate outdoor advertising. Furthermore, we will work closely with the outdoor advertising industry to clarify the Utah State Code on statewide standards for outdoor advertising as long as local authority is maintained with regards to billboards and digital interfaces.