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Resolution: 2012-003 – Fireworks

Fireworks and Fire Danger

A Resolution of the Utah League of Cities and Towns regarding the regulation of fireworks:

WHEREAS: due to dry conditions, high temperatures and winds, the danger of fires in the State of Utah during the summer of 2012 was extremely high; and

WHEREAS: Governor Herbert determined that the discharge of fireworks throughout the State increased the risk of fires and should be banned in the unincorporated areas of the State; and

WHEREAS: Governor Herbert also called on local government to enact ordinances which would prohibit the discharge of fireworks during certain times and places; and

WHEREAS: Although State law prohibited cities and towns from adopting ordinances or regulation for the sale and discharge of fireworks that conflict with State regulations, many cities and towns attempted to enact regulations for the discharge of fireworks the best they knew how and in an attempt to decrease fire danger; and

WHEREAS: Cities and towns further realized that because current State law regulated how restrictive local governments can be in regulating fireworks, being able to ban the discharge of fireworks as Governor Herbert requested was not possible.

NOW THEREFORE: be it resolved that the Utah League of Cities and Towns petitions for this Resolution to: Give greater discretion to cities and towns on regulating the discharge of aerial fireworks by amending UCA 11-3-8 which currently prohibits cities and towns from adopting ordinances or regulations that conflict with UCA 53-7-220 through 53-7-225, in such a way as to allow individual cities and towns to adopt ordinances or regulations that appropriately address the needs and concerns of each city or town.