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Love, Listen, and Lead

Love, Listen, and Lead Statement

ULCT Board Supports Banning Chokeholds and Adopts “Love, Listen, and Lead” Plan

July 16, 2020- The Utah League of Cities and Towns is taking a strong stand to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all our residents.

Monday, ULCT’s Board of Directors unanimously approved a 3-pronged plan called “Love, Listen, and Lead.” This approach is a diligent effort to ensure open lines of communication and promote adaptation of policies that acknowledge, respect, and defend freedom and justice for all people.

ULCT’s Board of Directors also voted unanimously to support legislation to ban proactive chokeholds as methods of restraint by municipal public safety officers. The Board supports legislation to this end as proposed by Utah Representative Sandra Hollins.

ULCT is committed in our work to ensure every member of our communities feels safe, empowered, and respected. We are committed to listening to the concerns of residents in our cities and towns. We will work, as leaders, to find common ground with our respective communities to improve law enforcement policies through the prism of safety, equity, and transparency.