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Making Life BETTER

Making Life Better

How do your residents perceive your community? Do they really know how their local property and sales tax dollars are being spent? Do they know the services you provide? Do they understand local government’s role in making their lives better? Asking some of these question are a good indicator of reality, it appears many of your constituents aren’t clear about the services provided by their city or town. Dan Jones & Associates in recent years verifies that while Utahns recognize and appreciate essential municipal services as improving their quality of life, they do not as recognize who is providing it to them. When asked “please name the services you receive from your city or town” few respondents could identify more than just water and garbage service.

The purpose of our “Making Life Better” campaign is to assist our members in their respective efforts to better communicate what services they provide for their residents. If you’ve been thinking about “branding” your community, or just simply thinking of ways to improve public awareness, we think you’ll find the resources in this catalog to be very useful. And keep in mind, what you see in this catalog is just to pique your interest and give you some ideas of the possibilities. You know what might work best in your community.

Let us know how we can help.

Kenneth Bullock – Executive Director

Making Life Better Campaign (PDF Document)

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