Utah League of Cities and Towns

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2015 Midyear Conference


ULCT Midyear Convention
April 8-10, 2015
Dixie Center, St. George



Session 3 – Health Pomotion Benefits for the Community – Locke Ettinger PT, PhD

Session 4 – Sales Tax Forecasting Essentials – Dave Mineer

Session 4 – Sales Tax Forecasting Essentials – Doug Macdonald

Session 4 – Sales Tax Forecasting Essentials – Lecia Langston

Session 6 – The Aftermath of the Great Recession_Deferred Capital Expenses – Laura Lewis and Jason Burningham

Session 7 – New Developments in Utah Wildfire Policy – Matt Snider and Mike Melton

Session 8 – Cyber Law and Lessons Learned – Patrick Lynch and Tsutomu Johnson

Session 9 – Stepping it Up and Telling Your Story – Sam Johnson, Aaron Crimm, and Roxeanne Vainuku

Session 12 – Working Together: Building Better Communities Through Collaboration – Chris Bray

Session 16 – The New Age of Parks and Rec – Mayor Jon Pike, Gary Esplin, Kent Perkins

Session 17 – Good Landlord Policy – Mark Johnson and Gary Williams

Session 18 – Social Contracts – Joanne Glantz-Mahannah

Session 19 – EARTHQUAKE_Now What – Joe Dougherty and M. Leon Berrett

Session 20 – Economic Opportunities for Cities and Towns – Don Albrecht

This conference is held each April in St. George. A full day of this conference covers current municipal issues and we’ll spend part of another day reviewing the outcome of the most recent legislative session and its impact on local government. During even numbered years, after municipal elections the previous November, we’ll offer a number of classes for newly elected officials who, after 3 months on the job, are starting to wonder what they’ve got themselves into. A program for spouses is also included in this conference. The registration fee includes a Wednesday evening social, Thursday evening dinner and entertainment as well as breakfasts and lunches on Thursday and Friday.