Utah League of Cities and Towns

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Elected Officials’ Essentials Presentations


Cameron Diehl EOE Jan 4

ULCT EOE Budget Presentation 1-4-2020

Budgeting Essentials

2019 CUP Presentation – Land Use

ULCT EOE Elected Official City Manager Make Life Better Presentation

LTAP Classes


Introduction to the League (Resources, Advocacy, & Events) & ULCT Legislative Issues and Efforts – Cameron Diehl (POWERPOINT)

Powers and Duties, OPMA, and more – David Church (VIDEO)

Municipal Budgeting – Kerri Nakamura (VIDEO)

Municipal Budgeting – Kerri Nakamura (POWERPOINT)

ULCT Legislative Issues and Efforts – Cameron Diehl (VIDEO)

“Prepare 60”- Water Issues and Resources – Gene Shawcroft (POWERPOINT)

EDCUtah Introduction – Max Backlund (POWERPOINT)

How City Managers Make Your Life Better – David Zook (POWERPOINT)