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Road School Advisory

For many years, the League provided training for municipal, county and state public works departments called “Road School.” The League is aware of the value of sharing information about the most efficient and effective techniques and products to those who work to maintain and improve our infrastructure. As the industry advances, many new training opportunities arise. Both commercial and trade organizations are offering specialized training at affordable rates to government entities. While the League will no longer offer Road School, we’d like to direct your public works departments to conferences, regional, and individualized training opportunities offered through by the following organizations:

The Utah Asphalt Paving Association offers extensive training with three conferences that take place during the year throughout the state. The Utah Asphalt Conference is held each spring in Sandy with minimal registration costs. Each fall, UAPA offers the Southern Utah Asphalt Seminar in St. George and in April, UAPA brings training opportunities to Vernal with the Uintah Basin Asphalt Summit. The organization also conducts free seminars throughout the year.

The American Public Works Association Utah Chapter offers training not only in engineering and construction, but all public services, including fleets, sanitation, parks, facilities, cemeteries, emergency management, transportation, water and sewer, GIS, and more. The organization offers a training conference in Sandy each fall and regional training opportunities throughout the year. The organization offers a reduced rate for public employees.

Utah LTAP provides regional training and specialized classes throughout the state. It also offers a unique “lending library,” consisting of training videos and publications which are free of cost to Utah agencies. LTAP has been a long-standing partner with ULCT offering many classes for credit during the Road School conference. These courses, along with many more valuable instructional opportunities, continue throughout the state.

You’ll find valuable information including a schedule of training events by clicking on the links provided. We appreciate your support of Road School and are confident you’ll be pleased with the opportunities offered by these organizations.