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ULCT Youth Essay Contest

2017-18 ULCT Youth Essay Contest Winners

The Utah League of Cities and Towns is pleased to announce the winners for the 2017-18 essay contest “Why I Like My Community.”

Each year the League invites all Utah students from 4th and 7th grade to write an essay about the attributes of their respective communities and participate in the contest.  As these students have spent the year studying state history as part of the social studies curriculum, it’s a wonderful opportunity for them to evaluate the things they value about the city or town in which they reside.  Teachers from every school then select one essay per class for submission to the contest.  After a team professional educators reads all submissions, three winning essays are selected from each grade.

The winners are as follows:

7th Grade

4th Grade


Both the students and their respective schools have been awarded the following cash prizes:

First Prize:          Student $100  School $1,000

Second Prize:     Student $75    School $750

Third Prize:         Student $50    School $500

The 2018 ULCT “Why I Like My Community” essay contest is made possible through a contribution from Maverik, a sponsor of the Utah League of Cities and Towns.  Maverik’s commitment to the community and desire to acknowledge the talented youth living in our cities and towns makes it possible to provide a much-needed financial contribution to our local schools.

Taylor Thomas, Tabiona

James Hart, Gunnison

Susie Moysh, Gunnison

Leah Blazzard, Kamas

Taylie Mickelsen, Manti

Jane Stucki, Spring City



Past Contest Winners

7th Grade

4th Grade