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Senator Mike Lee (R) – Federal Transportation Funding

Repairing, maintaining, and upgrading our transportation infrastructure efficiently and effectively is crucial to the health of today’s American economy. But when bureaucrats in Washington tell engineers in Utah how to build Utah’s roads, the result is mismanagement, endless red tape, and costly compliance with regulations that are often completely unreasonable.

This is why I have co-sponsored the State Transportation Flexibility Act. The bill would allow states to keep most of the money collected by the federal gas tax instead of rerouting it through Washington, only to be told what they can and cannot spend it on. States would still be required to spend the money on transportation, but would no longer have to comply with endless federal regulations in order to merely receive the money that had been taxed away in the first place.

By eliminating the compliance costs associated with an overbearing federal government, states stand to save an enormous amount of money on transportation projects. My office has been informed by local officials of road projects that cost as much as three times as much as they otherwise would have due to the need to comply with burdensome federal regulations. The cost of these regulations is, in fact, so large that it outweighs any advantage that is gained by a state receiving more transportation money than it sends to Washington under the current system.

Like every other state, Utah knows what is best for Utah’s transportation network. The best thing the federal government can do for America’s drivers is to let the states control how transportation funding is spent within their own borders.

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What city do you live in and why do you enjoy living there?
I live in Alpine. It’s a beautiful location between Lone Peak and Timpanogos.

What is your favorite collegiate sports team in the state?
My alma mater, BYU.