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Senator Orrin Hatch (R) – Bill Issues May 2012

Please describe a bill or an issue you are working on that directly impacts Utah’s cities and towns.

If Congress doesn’t act before the end of this year, Utahns will be hit with the largest tax hike in American history. This means more money will be taken out of the pockets of Utahns and stifle the economic growth that Utah’s cities and towns depend on.

This tax hike will affect virtually every single federal income tax payer, and that’s why I’m working hard to ensure that Congress acts to prevent it. As the Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, I’m on the front lines of preventing this massive tax increase to ensure that Utah families keep more of their hard earned money and small businesses can use more resources to invest in themselves and create jobs. More money in the pockets of Utah families and small business owners means more economic growth and more resources for Utah’s cities and towns.

America is slowly recovering from one of the greatest recessions in modern history. We remain in a precarious economic situation, with a fragile recovery. It is beyond irresponsible for President Obama to sit idly by and allow this scheduled $500 billion tax hike to occur. And fighting against this massive tax hike will go a long way towards strengthening communities across our great state and ensuring that Utah remains one of the best states to do business.

Taxmageddon, as The Washington Post called it, is coming. The only good news is that Congress can prevent it and extend tax relief for the middle class. Utah’s cities and towns have my commitment to continue to lead this fight.